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My featured link for March 2005 is:

Guess it's been a while! My first featured link for 2005 comes courtesy of my manager and just in time for NCAA March Madness. Among other things on this site is an online bracket for the Madness. Enjoy!
On a totally unrelated note, barring a mad rush of "Save the Featured Links Page" messages, this will probably be the last time I update this page. It is severely under-utilized compared with the rest of my site. Whenever I finally get time, I am going to add a web log to this site, and I will roll the featured link in with that. Anyone interested in being notified once the blog site is up may contact me here.

Past featured links:

Africa 2004 (December 2004 - March 2005)
Once again, I am going to point my featured link to a page on my own site. I recently returned from a slightly-less-than-three weeks vacation to Africa. As usual, I made a priority out of photography while I was there, and I kept a web log which I updated whenever it was possible to do so. Since I do not yet have the official Africa Photos page ready for my Travel Gallery yet, I am offering a link to the web log for an early look at some of the photos I took in Kenya, Tanzania, Cape Town, and Victoria Falls.

North Texas E-News (July-August 2004)
I always appreciate rapid responses from people. As I mentioned in my previous Featured Link, my mom passed away on May 30. After discovering the local newspapers had gotten her name incorrect in the obituary, I checked the online paper North Texas E-News. I was disappointed to see that they too had gotten it incorrect. I sent an e-mail to the editor informing them of the error and asked if they would mind changing it. Not only did they change it, they did so in under an hour. For that, they make my Featured Link for July.

www.virtual-realm.com/melba (June 2004)
I'm going to do something a little different this time and create a Featured Link to a page on my own site. My mom passed away on May 30, 2004. She was passionate about geneology, and I had planned to get her life story from her later this year to pass down to her grandchildren and future generations. Regretably, I will not be able to get it directly from her, however, I have set up a memorial page for family and people who knew her to share their favorite memories. I am hoping this can lead to a "life story" document in the future, albeit from the perspective of others.

www.willwillis.us  (May 2004)
In late 2002, my brother-in-law, Will Willis released a CD of his guitar instrumental music called Darkness into Light. Three of the songs on this CD: Illumination, Righteous Fire, and The Revelation reached the top 5 on MP3's Christian Metal chart.  Will is now offering all of the music from this CD for free on his web site at www.willwillis.us. Pay close attention to the song Introspection. It was based on a MIDI instrumental I composed in 1994.

Sabrina Bell Robinson
On September 24, 1999 I was saddened to learn of the death of one of my high school classmates, Sabrina Bell Robinson.  I remember Sabrina as someone who was always nice to everyone, even when it wasn't "cool" to be so.  I also remember her radiant smile, with which she greeted all who met her.  Unfortunately, it appears Sabrina's website has been shut down and will not be returning. So I have removed the link, but left this writeup.