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Here is where you find links to other sites of interest.

Family and Friends
These are sites maintained by friends or members of my family.
The Inside Corner (My sister and brother-in-law's page) (My brother-in-law's music site)
Soil Building Systems (This is a site I developed for a former co-worker)

Local News and Information

News and information about the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
The Dallas Morning News
The Fort Worth Star Telegram
GuideLive - What to do in Dallas/Ft. Worth
The Dallas Observer

What's Happening at the South Pole?

Ever so often I come upon a topic that piques my interest and inspires me to do some research to learn everything I can about it. A few years ago, I went looking for information about Antarctica. I came across several web sites about the 30 or so people who winter over each year at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. I was fascinated by the concept of spending several months in darkness isolated on the coldest continent in the world. The winter-overs were keeping an online newspaper that year called The New South Polar Times, and I eagerly awaited each new update. These days I've moved on to other things (so I should maybe call this section "What WAS Happening at the South Pole?" :) ), but the links below are still active and make for interesting reading.
The New South Polar Times (archive)
Chris Bero's "Frozen Planet"
Bert's South Pole Page
USA Today Coverage of the 1997/98 Winter Crew
Bill Spindler's Antarctica (contains links to 2003-2004 winter-overs' sites)

Obligatory Star Trek Links

I'm keeping these links here for historical reasons more than anything, since I haven't really watched any Star Trek shows since Deep Space 9 went off the air in 1999.
Star Trek:Hypertexts (Jamahl Epsicokhan's Reviews)
The UPA Star Trek Page
Mr. Video Productions Home Page

Other Miscellaneous Links

These are some miscellaneous links from various places.
NCSA's Beginner's Guide to HTML is the oldest link on my site--I've had it since the beginning.
The World Wide Web Consortium