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Curious to know what has been updated recently, or to see how this site has evolved over the years? From this page you can read about recent updates and view previous versions of my site's home page. Note: I do not maintain the previous versions other than archiving the home pages off for this log. Therefore, there is no guarantee the links you find on old versions of my home pages will still work, and in cases where links point to another one of my pages, you will get the most up-to-date version of the linked page, rather than the version that existed at the time. (Who's going to be spending time looking at old, outdated versions of my web site anyway, right? :) ).
This site was last updated on 

Revision 6.1.x: 30 May 2004 - present

I will fondly remember this as the update. I have added a feature to let users choose whether to use a popup window or the same window to view full-size pictures when they click on thumbnail images on my site. I also made several changes to reduce the size of my pages including fixes for bugs/oversights that made my pages larger than intended, splitting some of the travel photo pages into multiple smaller pages, and moving a large amount of client-side Javascript code into server-side ASP. Thanks go to for pointing out just how big some of my pages really were. :)

UPDATE 09 July 2006: Added some photos from 2005 to the Arizona page. To keep this page (i.e., reasonable size), I removed a few of the 2003 pictures to make room for the new ones. The complete 2003 page is available here. I also updated my Favorite Photos page, and added a few of the more recent photos to the rotating images on both my regular home page and Travel Gallery home page. The Guestbook is still broken, btw.

UPDATE 18 June 2006: I still haven't fixed the Guestbook, but I did add some new pictures! Photos from my Memorial Day weekend trip to Palo Duro Canyon have been added to the Texas page. I also added a "recent additions" section to my Travel Gallery home page.

UPDATE 01 May 2006: Was planning to finally do some real updating to this site, but discovered my Contact and Guestbook were broken. I have fixed the Contact page, and will fix the Guestbook sometime this month. Sorry for any inconvenience!

UPDATE 24 April 2005: Added links to my Africa 2004 web log to the sidebar and travel gallery menus. I am far from finished with that page, but since I'm not getting any time to work on it thanks, I'm going to go ahead and make what I have so far available for all to see. Hopefully, I can get that page and the Africa part of my site sometime before the end of the next decade!

UPDATE 16 March 2005: Changed the Featured Link. Lack of usage has severely lowered my motivation to keep this page updated. :(

UPDATE 17 December 2004: Changed the Featured Link. (Again, sorry for the delay). I am pointing it to my recent Africa web log for now.

UPDATE 06 September 2004: Changed the Featured Link. So much for making this a monthly occurrence, I guess. I was busy, plus I decided the site I had planned to put there for August was no longer worthy of the honor. :)

UPDATE 24 July 2004: Added two new drawings to the Art Gallery.

UPDATE 03 July 2004: Changed the Featured Link. I'm going to try to make this a monthly occurrence.

UPDATE 07 June 2004: Less than an hour after I finished up the May 30 revision of my site, I received a call that my mom had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I have added a memorial page for people to who knew her to share their memories, and have updated the Featured Link page to point there.

Change Log:

Added a cookies-driven feature to let users choose whether they want to view pictures in a popup window, or view them "inline". This was added mainly in response to an e-mail I got from stating that popups are not allowed in the sites they link to. Since I get a huge number of visitors to my site from theirs, keeping a listing in their directory was a priority (especially in light of my plans to add a commercial component to this site later on this year :) ). I sent out an e-mail to several friends and family to get their opinion on whether they prefer to see pictures in a popup window or in the same window as the thumbnail. I got divided results, but the majority preferred popups. So, I left popups as the default, however, you can change to "inline" viewing by clicking a link that now appears on all of my travel photo pages as well as the Travel Gallery home page (and the Art Gallery too). Once you change the setting, it stays that way for 30 days, or until you change it again--even if you leave my site and come back. The setting affects my entire site, so if you select "inline" on one of my pages, then that's what you will get for all of them unless you change the setting. (This feature uses cookies to save the information, so your browser settings must allow for this). If you have never been to my site before or have never changed the display method before, the default will be popup windows in response to the majority opinion from my little informal poll. You can override the default display method on the URL, for example:

The above link will send you to my Iceland page with the image display method defaulting to inline, unless you have been to my site before and explicitly chosen popups. (I give deference to the user's previous choice so or other sites can create links to what is in essence a "default-to-no-popups" version of my photo pages without overriding a user's previously-selected setting).

Fixed a bug on the bottom bar image -- it was pointing to the .png source file, which was 90K as opposed to the < 4K .gif file it was supposed to point to.
Moved a bunch of code from a client-side Javascript file into a server-side ASP file. This coupled with fixing the bottom bar image immediately took nearly 200K off the size of each of my pages.
Ran the Australia photos through a compression utility. I forgot to do this previously, and as a result, the Australia page was > 1mb! This took around 600K off the size of that page.
Split the Arizona pictures up into two pages of pictures taken in 2003, and those taken between 1997-1999. This put both pages under the requirement of < 300K, and also solved another problem I had with my older photos looking a bit out of place next to the nice new ones I took last year. :) Having done this, I went ahead and re-added the "old" Arizona photos I omitted in Revision 6.0. Basically, the 1997-1999 Arizona page now looks like my Rev 5.x Arizona page did, and my 2003 Arizona page features entirely new photos.
Split the Asia pictures up into a separate page for each country: Bali, Singapore, and Malaysia. The single page was pushing the size limit, if not already over it, and by splitting the pages up, they can now be listed separate under each country.
Split the Australia photos up into separate pages for Sydney/New South Wales, The Great Barrier Reef/Cairns in Queensland, and The Northern Territory.
Added a last-updated string to the bottombar image.
Updated the Site Map and FAQ pages with information about the latest changes.


Revision 6.0: 24 May 2004 - 30 May 2004
Major redesign (finally!). Well, it was about time I guess, considering I hadn't done a major update since mid-2000. :) Many of the changes I made are intended to make this site easier to maintain so hopefully I will be more diligent in keeping it up to date in the future. Among many other things, I completely changed the look of the site, got rid of frames, added several new photos and travel pages, updated the Art Gallery, and added various new pages around the site. Incidentally, the "curved-panorama-around-the-top" look was an idea I had for a web site I developed for a friend's business. He had a better idea for his own site, so I used it for mine. :)

Revision 5.x: 30 July 2000 - 24 May 2004
Major redesign--it was time.  This site is now 800X600 friendly as much as possible, the text is much easier to read, and it should load faster with fewer and smaller graphics.  I have also reduced the size of the travel photos, and added the long-awaited commentary.  In case there's someone out there who prefers the larger 1024X768 images (even though the newer ones are much higher quality), I have preserved the previous version (Revision 4.3) of this site in its entirety, and it may be accessed by clicking here.

Revision 4.3: 07 September 1998
Couple of minor changes.

Revision 4.2: 07 July 1998
Bug fixes and other minor changes mostly to travel pages.

Revision 4.1: 03 July 1998
Minor bug fixes, and reorganized a few things.

Revision 4.0: 02 July 1998
Name change, major overhaul, and move to new site. I have done my best to catch links that still point to, but please email me if you find some I missed.

Revision 3.7: 20 September 1997
The Arizona pictures are here!

Revision 3.6: 18 September 1997
Where are all you new visitors coming from? :)

Revision 3.5: 14 June 1997
The Austin pictures are finally here!

Revision 3.4: 30 March 1997
My page is now back online with a few minor changes following massive data loss at

Revision 3.3: 02 March 1997
Washington DC pictures are finally here! (Some of them, anyway).

Revision 3.2: 01 March 1997
Some minor "enhancements". (And yes, to anyone who was wondering, the Washington DC pictures really ARE coming soon). :)

Revision 3.1: 24 February 1997
"Emergency" bug-fixes. :)

Revision 3.0: 23 February 1997
Added background images, Sweden pictures, and site history page.

Revision 2.1: 22 February 1997
Work-in-progress revision--I was this far along with work on Revision 3.0, and since I liked this better than 2.0, I went ahead and put it out there. :)

Revision 2.0: 09 February 1997
"Clean-up" revision in preparation for major overhaul.

Pre-Revision 2.0: 1994-1997
Here is what my page looked like prior to 09 February 1997:

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