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Date: August 1996
England national flag
Duration: 2 weeks (England + Sweden)
Purpose: Business
Favorite Memory: Standing on the Greenwich Meridian, where east meets west

In August 1996, less than two weeks after returning from my vacation to Iceland, I was sent to Sweden and England on a business trip.  Unfortunately, since I had just spent most of my vacation money in Iceland, I was not able to extend stay in England as much as I would have liked.  I did, however, have two non-business days, which I used to see London and Greenwich.  I paced myself so fast and furiously those two days, that when I sneezed, I actually saw black soot on the Kleenix from riding the subway so much!  Equally amazing is that in the space of the two days, not only was I able to see enough of London and Greenwich to produce the photos on this site, I still had time to see Miss Saigon at the theatre.