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Arizona Photos from 1997-1999

I first visited Arizona in 1997, when my sister was kind enough to invite me along on a business trip. We had planned to see a bit of Phoenix (where the business portion of her trip was), then head up north to visit the Grand Canyon. Shortly before we left, one of my co-workers suggested we pass through Sedona on our way to the Canyon. We did, and we liked it so much, we ended up staying there instead of Flagstaff. Since 2001, I have visited Sedona nearly every fall as part of an annual trip out west to visit a college friend who lives in Las Vegas. My most recent trip was in October 2005. Several of the photos on this page were taken during that trip, while others were taken in October 2003. You can also click here to read an online journal I kept during the 2003 trip, and see additional photos that didn't make the "cut" for this page. Additional photos from my 2003 trip are available here, and older photos from 1997-1999 are here.

Sadly, Gary Yike, the co-worker who told me about Sedona, passed away in 2000. This page is dedicated to his memory.

Photos Copyright 2006 by Donna S. Duncan



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Grand Canyon Area

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