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About My Trips
Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming
Washington DC
Other States

Date: Various
USA national flag
Duration: Various
Purpose: Business and vacation
Favorite Memory: Hiking to the top of Doe Mountain in Sedona, Arizona, tubing down the Guadalupe in Texas, driving in Montana when the daytime speed limit was still "reasonable and prudent".
Favorite Foods: I'm from Texas--a good T-bone, of course! :)

Since the USA is my home country, it is also the one in which I have done the most traveling. At last count, I have at least passed through 35 of the 50 states, with plans to see the other 15 sometime within my lifetime. While many of my trips in the US have been business-related, many more have been road trip vacations, normally taken with my sister.

Currently, I have photos on this site from Arizona, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Texas, Washington DC, and a couple of other states.